We have a variety of services available to perfectly suit our clients’ individual constitutions and complaints.


Even with our society’s progressing age, beauty and vitality are becoming more commonplace.

Even so, I am affected by chronic pain and fatigue, weight gain, skin blemishes, wrinkles, sagging skin…

While tackling your problems with thorough counselling, we will apply our expert knowledge to help, based on years of experience and research.

Course Menu 


Revitalise your body with the original Angelica Technique ®

● Angelica technique

90 minute course: ¥20,000 (Male client: + ¥2,000)


With the use of a specialist massage cream, you can expect approximately 3 times the fascial release and cellulite dispersion (exact amount can vary) that is normally experienced.


※Facial release: a treatment which loosens fascial buildup and improves blood circulation and skin elasticity and softness.


This course is designed to complement and maximize the pain and numbness-reducing Angelica Technique ® 

● Trial Course

The best course for those who would like to try the Angelica Technique for the first time.

Pinpoint trigger points causing pain and numbness, relax knots with an original aroma oil blend. The combined experience invites total relaxation.

● Ayurveda

60 minute course ¥9,000

80 minute course (including head spa) ¥11,000

(Male client: + ¥2,000)


The ultimate constitutional revival oil massage. Promotes the discharge of toxins. Recommended by people with complaints including swelling.


Beauty that irradiates from the inside


All courses are non-oil based – and the most up-to-date facial treatments available! Beauty from the application of the latest beauty industry standards.


Angelica is committed to providing counselling and treatment with a selection of non-oil based facial treatments.


We will pursue the cause of skin problems and work with the client to select the best product from our extensive selection.


All products used for these treatments, are carefully selected non-oil cosmetics from our prior experience and research of ingredients. Active ingredients and moisturising elements penetrate deep into the skin, increasing the metabolism of skin cells and providing long-lasting rejuvenation.


                                                                                                        All courses + ¥2000 for male client

Monster Lift Course

70 minute course ¥8,000

The most popular course of the salon.

With a special zombie mask specially selected by Angelica’s chief therapist, feel complete refreshment in your 100% relaxed face!

With expert sleight-of-hand, accumulated lymph is dispersed and the face experienced an exceptional natural lift.

An excellent treatment for those whose aim is to slim and relax the face.

Pore Cleansing Course

40 minutes ¥6,000

Clear acne, dullness, and accumulated dirt from the pores. Enjoy a new clarity to your skin.

Dirt removal is the most important thing in skin care.

Our treatment has a non-alcohol, non-oily formulation, without the use of surfactant or any oil-based ingredients. Dirt penetrating the outer layers of the skin, as well as excess sebum and make up is gently dissolved and removed using the power of natural amino acids.

Additionally, dirt and dead skin accumulating in small wrinkles and pores that isn’t normally removed by make-up remover is thoroughly dispersed.

Soft Peeling

50 minute course ¥8,000

A gentle treatment to deal with pimples, bruises, spots and blemishes. Pores will become inconspicuous, and a whitening effect can also be achieved!

Using weak, natural fruit acids, this treatment comes from the ancient wisdom of the likes of Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette. A wonderful treatment that can revive the skin and restore elasticity.

Shown here is the cotton used after cleaning with makeup remover (left), and then with a facial cleanser (right). This is a common everyday sight. Even when looking closely in the mirror, blocked pores and blackheads are clearly visible. Performing the cleansing course at regular intervals is recommended especially for those who don’t take particular care to cleanse properly every day.

The unprecedented soft peel treatment, using skin-friendly fruit acids (AHA), can be safely performed on clients from a wide range of age groups from teenagers who suffer from acne scars to those who are concerned by liver spots or by the dullness or roughness of their skin. A beauty standard that is as groundbreaking now as it has ever been.

Application of this treatment aids the removal of dead skin cells, and promote the production of new cells in the epidermis.

●Moisture Course

70 minute course ¥10,000

With an abundance of collagen, clients can look forward to a reduction in wrinkles, and restoration of suppleness of the skin.

The deep layers of skin under the surface do all of the work to keep the skin supple and elastic. It consists of fibroblast cells, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid acid, produced by the fibroblast cells.

However, as ageing occurs the fibroblasts decrease in number, the remaining ones don’t work so well, causing a reduction in collagen – causing wrinkles and sagging skin.


At our salon, to combat the root causes of these problems, we introduce the most recent cuttingedge cosmetic ingredients to your skin to encourage continued elasticity and youth.

● Anti-Wrinkle Course

60 minutes ¥15,000

Focusing on the effects of Botox and collagen. Encourage the body to produce collagen naturally, in significantly improve wrinkles and sagging skin.


Double Cleanse > Beauty Oil > Gel > Latex > Pack > Finish (We will perform a special non-wiping, deeply penetrating technique to apply our highest-grade specialist essence oil, gel, lotion, and pack)

● Bridal Course

90 minute course ¥12,000

The Bridal Course at Angelica is very unique.

With the use of trigger point therapy, bad posture and stooping will be improved.

A beautiful back and posture is one of the most noticeable points in a bride. With the use of the Angelica Technique ®, let’s make this a point of pride on your wedding day.

It’s your most important day, let’s spend some special time with your face, décolleté, and back, so you can enjoy your special day with sparkle and finesse.

Additional options for double the results!

Facial Option Menu

● Collagen Injection

5 minutes ¥1,000 (eyelids or lips) / 10 minutes ¥4,000 (face or neck)

Using the Mesoporation Method: A new, faster technique for faster and deeper penetration of raw collagen directly into the skin. This specialist equipment applies a large amount of active ingredient to the skin by applying a small voltage to cells. An effective and painless treatment.

● Deep Cleansing

10 minutes ¥1,000

Dissolve and remove everyday dirt and dead skin accumulated in the pores.

Facial Muscle Massage

10 minutes ¥2,500

Differing from the Lymph Shed Technique, this massage removes facial cellulite, creating defined facial features and beautiful lines.

In addition to the above courses, we also have a maternity plan, men’s plan, family plan etc. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

A polite note: clients suffering from the following, we like to ask to please refrain from receiving treatment: Persons suffering from 1. Fever 2. Infectious disease 3. Suppurative disease 4. Ulcerative disease 5. Vein thrombosis 6. Severe visceral disease 7. Open wounds 8. Rash 9.


Accute inflammation 10 Joint tuberculosis 11. Malignant tumors 12. Those under the influence of alcohol.

★ Introduction to our limited campaign, for all new customers!

Is it really possible to ‘be 5 years younger in 5 minutes’?

The Mesoporation technique used in the ‘Collagen Injection’ option uses a special instrument to pass through cells and deliver active ingredients to the dermis layer by using a process known as electroporation.

The renowned Mesoporation Method is utilised due to its effectiveness even after a single treatment.

It is difficult using conventional machines to achieve the same results when applying treatments to around the mouth, eyes and eyelids, as well as treating liver spots.

For those who are afraid of Botox injections performed in cosmetic surgery to improve wrinkles and sagging skin, we recommend the treatment Arzilin, similar to Botox but painted onto the skin rather than injected.

I am currently offering this course, normally worth ¥4,000, absolutely free of charge, for all new customers wanting to try a facial treatment.

With our Pay-As-You-Go system, you can have complete peace of mind

Since Angelica doesn’t have a membership system, there’s also no need to pay an expensive enrolment fee.


As a consequence of our Pay-As-You-Go system, you are free to try any treatment you would like, each time you visit.


All necessary items such as clothing and towels are prepared and ready for you when you arrive. But we don’t just provide the material necessities, we also take into consideration your constitution as well
as your whole body condition, and provide you with a heartfelt counselling service not only to choose but also complement your treatment. We want the best for you as much as you do!


Of course, if you would like to become a regular customer, we also have many ticket deals and courses available for the longer term.

※Cancellations: in the event of a cancellation, we ask customers to please cancel at least the day before the appointment. Same-day cancellations may incur a cancellation fee.

※Please bring your make-up.